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Where to Buy Puto Molds?

I always make puto at home, especially when my daughter craves for it. Puto is a Filipino Rice Cake that is even more delicious with your favorite toppings like cheese, salted eggs, or butter.

I am making them using jelly cups, muffin trays, and round pans. But it doesn’t look the same as the traditional puto in the Philippines. I want  it just the right size and shape, and this puto molds would do the job perfectly, just the way I like it.

I want to have this puto molds. They’re really cute and colorful (the color doesn’t matter though but it’s really attractive isn’t it?)

I want to buy these puto molds. I hope I could have it before May comes in. My friend is going to have a baby shower very soon, and I am thinking to make puto or puto pao to bring on the said occasion. Can someone please tell me where to buy these colorful puto molds? I couldn’t find like this here in New Zealand but there’s one on Amazon. It’s not colorful but I guess it doesn’t matter…

This is how it looks like

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18 thoughts on “Where to Buy Puto Molds?”

  1. our former helper used to cook puto regularly (i always ask her to make some for us…lol), and she bought these really cute puto molds (they look similar to your shot). i forgot where she got them, but i think it was at a local wet market…so sorry i couldn't be of much help, but i just had to comment on this post. 🙂


  2. I have been looking for these molds myself. I have checked everywhere & the only place you can get them is in the Philippines.I am trying to find someone whose going over there for vacay to bring some back for me. Good luck finding them. I wish I could be of more help to U. I want some myself! tcare!!;)


  3. I just returned from Manila two days ago. Searched everywhere for these plastic puto molds and was not successful. I've asked my brothers and sisters-in-law, and none of them have heard of or seen these! Gone to Rustan's super and department store and SM but they don't have them nor heard of them. SAD 😦


  4. Hi Maiylah, you're so lucky that you have this at home. I have been looking for this for 2 years now and obviously, I wasn't successful with it. Please let me know in case you remembered where your former helper got this puto molds. Thanks!


  5. Hi Anonymous, I was so unfortunate to find it myself either. Some said that they bought it on Amazon, but I can't find similar to this one. Please let me know when you have found one. Thanks for dropping over.


  6. Hi Anonymous, first of all, I'm pretty sure you had an awesome vacation in the Philippines. But it's quite disappointing not to find this puto molds. They said you can buy this puto molds from Divisoria, but I went there last year too and found nothing. Some said they bought it online, but I couldn't find it either. I wish us both luck in finding this puto molds. Let me know if you have been successful. Thanks for dropping by.:)


  7. I went to our local asian store here in Washington State and bought some very small tea cups for 59 cents each I am hoping this will work for me. I have a large pot with a steamer insert and 12 of those little cups will fit perfectly I haven't tried it yet but bought some premade puto so I have to eat those first before making some. Good luck on finding something that will work for you.


  8. try contacting love2bake co. (they have fb page) coz they have it 🙂 they also have them at divi at sto. cristo st. not them malls… they usually cost around 2php more or less depending on the size… you can also try dropping by the upcoming manila food and beverage expo (mafbex) this coming june coz i remember buying mine there last year…


  9. Thanks for the posts! I've been searching for these as well and found them at Just ordered them from there and waiting for them to arrive. I bought them for my mom for mother's day because she's been wanting to make some puto for a long time now.


  10. the puto mould plastic assorted colors available in flea market , which is the section of llanera, broom sticks,etc,…


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